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Monday, January 25, 2010

monday double feature, slash amateur movie review... whomp whomp here to watch trailer

So... I just saw Lars von Trier's "Antichrist," on its surprising 3rd month run in the theaters, which was more visually disturbing than Korean director Park Chan-Wok's Old Boy, yet incomparable and completely irrelevant from a narrative standpoint. It was $12.50 worth and relatively 2 hours of a failed attempt to a psychological thriller/horror. Instead, it seemed like avante garde porn that features Willem Dafoe, Willem Dafoe's bloody penis, Willem Dafoe's ass (which [dis]graced the movie with its omnipresence, much like Jean Claude Van Damme's vain-glorious, gratuitous butt shots), Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Gainsbourg's hairy-for-arts-sake vagina, and a gory misogynistic shot of her scissor-snipped labia.

The movie was full of nonsensical metaphors and poor storyline that it didn't do either of the brilliant actors' good performances any justice. Did I regret seeing it? Strangely enough, no. It was somewhat of a negative experience, but it did stir up my senses. It definitely postponed my infallible clockwork appetite for dinner, and wished that the concession stand carried a puke bucket and Xanax.

On the brighter side of the movie theater experience, thank goodness for Michael Haneke's magnificent "White Ribbon." I won't go into details. Just see it!!!!!

what can i do ^_^

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