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Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIMELO LUNA (click here to listen to the song below)

so the moon is at its closest tonight to our planet and it won't happen again for a few centuries. eventhough it's probably causing some tidal disruption and disequilibrium in our earth's core that will eventually result into another tsunami, it's inarguably beautiful and worth appreciating its ominous display at this very moment.

yo no me he tomado
i havent drunk

pero me voy a tomar un traguito ahora
but i'll take a drink now

y se que lo sue mas espero
and i know the longer i wait

lo mas que se me enamora
the more i know i'll fall in love

tres, siete, diez
three, seven, ten

ya no me ves
you can't see me

pero se aleja
but perhaps

digo tu nombre
if i say your name

ya sabras quien es
you'll know who it is

soy el perro a tus pies
i'm the dog at your feet

que te muerde la costilla
that bites your ribs

le entre abra y la luna se sienta en su silla
the stars shine and the moon sits on the chair

que tomas lunita y porque estas tan amarilla?
what are you drinking moon, and why are you so yellow?

bueno ya estoy cansada y mis hijas me llaman viejita
well, i'm tired and my daughters call me old

el pelo tan seco y mi piel ya no brilla
my hair is dry and my skin has no glow

pero el mundo es tuyo, esta noche eres mia
but the world is yours, and tonight you're mine

asi que...

quedate, quedate luna
stay. stay moon

mira a dios en el aire, mira a dios en el mar
look at god in the air, look at god in the sea

ye te doy toda mi vida para oirte cantar
i give you my life just to hear you sing

oye a dios en el viento, prueba a dios en la miel
hear god in the wind, taste god in the honey

dios vive afuera y adentro tambien
god lives inside and outside

asi que...

dimelo, dimelo luna
tell me. tell me moon

what can i do? ^__^

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