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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


and so, per 5 friends' request and after almost a year of refusal, i finally gave in to seeing floria sigismondi's the runaways, starring dakota fanning, kristen stewart, and michael shannon. it had decent photography. that's about it. the film felt like a lazy and poorly constructed biopic that resulted in nothing  but an extended 106 minute music video. stewart's depiction of joan jett's masculinity was bored and awkward instead of dynamic and passionate, wishing selma blair was young enough for the part because she would've played it perfectly. fanning and shannon were the film's only redeeming factors. kudos to fanning for shedding her childhood roles and surprising us with her grown up, sexier side. 

the runaways deserves nothing less than 1 1/2 stars, but can't say it should be given more either, even if you watch it for free at home.  unless you're bored (like kristen stewart's face and acting in all her films) or sick, you're better off wasting your time doing something else.

what can i do? ^__^

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