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Friday, December 2, 2011

Astrobiology and the Quest for the Origin of Life

New York, NY (December 3, 2011) - The Explorers Club launches the month with Saturday Science for Students with a feature presentation from Dr. Alexander Smirnov on astrobiology - the conditions of early earth when life is thought of to have begun. Smirnov will conclude with examples of his own research into the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen, focusing on why reduced nitrogen species were essential for the origin of life and their abiotic pathways of formation.

Member Ticket price:
$1 0 . 0 0
Guest Ticket Price:
$1 0 . 0 0
Student Ticket Price:
FREE with ID
Reservation Notes:
Reservations are suggested on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 212-628-8383, Fax 212-228-4449, or email

Members are encouraged to attend.

Event open to:
Saturday, December 3, 2011
9am - 12pm
The Explorers Club Headquarters/ Trophy Room - 46 East 70th Street (between Park and Madison Avenue), New York NY 10021

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