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Thursday, December 31, 2009

another self-indulgent blog..... my most memorable oh' nine moments (and quite possibly, everrrrr)

taaah daaaaaahhhh!!!!!

10) broke up with a 4 1/2 year boyfriend. definitely a big change.

9) for some reason, i always happened to travel with someone, and this year, i finally went on a plane ride alone (managed to get through it successfully), filled with major delays, back and forth. thank you northwest airlines for being a consistent fuck-up!

8) took up boxing and running for the first time, despite my osteo-arthritis. pretty fun!

7) went to vegas for the first time ever..... twice, beotch! thank you hom, flora, and bobby.

6) made a possible lasting friendship on that #7 trip.

5) got to see red rock canyon & the hoover dam, in a 105 degree weather. love ittt!

4) a despicable, shameless, ghetto-ass girl peed in the middle of the palms moon bar (while her friend helped hike up her skirt, exposing her big tush), and some of her urine got on my legs and my friends' as well. definitely the grossest thing I've ever encountered since the 2nd grade, when a boy puked his spaghetti lunch right on my shoes.

3) had the best birthday anyone could ever ask for this year. there were inches of snow, and friends still came through. i love you guys. can't ask for better friends, and i'm grateful to have you all. the dj, however, was a different story :/

2) i met someone very special, and go figure! he's far far far away at the moment, in many different levels.

1) i'm still here, alive... and so are you! things could have been better, but a whole lot worse as well. we're about to enter another decade with a bang... snow. full moon. resolutions. apprehensions. the inevitable balance of disappointments and optimism (especially towards obama ha!)... all being accomplished in our new outfits we specifically bought for this special evening filled with very high expectations. bring it on 2010!!! hope that's not all you've got!!! we can do it all over again!!!!!

what can i do ^_^

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