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Monday, December 7, 2009

NO WORKOUTS? NO PROBLEM! ...When something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

we are all striving to live a healthier life. in fact, we are more health conscious now than we have ever been before, from the whole foods/trader joe's organic food shopping extravaganza to being gym addicts, and everything else in between. the ones in between are the procedures that even the lazy couch potatoes (like me) could participate in, such as the super expensive electric detoxing procedures where you put your feet in a bucket full of water for 30 minutes, and gunky dirt magically comes out of your pores through electro magnetic suctions; the more affordable do-it-yourself detoxing foot pads that have the same purpose as the electric ones; calgon treatments that are aimed to take all your problems and worries away; and of course, colonics, which are water injection enemas that literally flush out your system, heavily popularized by gwen stefani and jack osborne, for a healthier, cleaner, leaner is the actual news. all these financial and time consuming procedures do very little to improve your health. for example, the brown colored gunk that supposedly came out of your feet after using the pads? they are chemicals that come from the pads that change colors when they get wet, even if they were soaked in distilled water. the same thing goes for the electric detox machine, which has bronze-colored coils that come out upon liquid contact, making it seem like dirt is actually coming out of your pores. dietary cleansing that consists of liquids, fruits, and vegetables are not so effective either. all it does is make you hungry and lose weight rapidly in a very unhealthy way, resulting to short term depression during the procedure because your brain got deprived dramatically of protein, limiting the flow of dopamine which is serotonin's soulmate and the key to your happiness. so consider the cleansing ads and spa services that offer these as full of horse shit as a used car salesman. the idea of cleansing is soothing and extremely appealing that customers are unlikely to question the effectiveness of these treatments. according to researchers, colonics actually do absolutely nothing but puncture your intestinal walls. the only kind of therapy so far that has some benefits is chelation therapy, which removes metals like mercury in cases of high-level poisoning. even with chelation, there is still very little evidence that it cleanses out small amounts of metal in the patients' bodies. bottomline, you are much better off just taking a nice, warm, long bubble bath..... and sex..... all for free (unless you are into prostitutes with the latter).

what can i do? ^_^

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