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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

random ramblings about a few jibber jabbers and some shenanigans

below is a result of evading responsibilities. if the following did not exist, life would definitely be better, exponentially.

# 1 everything emo- people, music, and its whole pretentious little pseudo-subculture. don't your balls need to breathe from those unnaturally skin-tight jeans? and if you really need something to cry about, give me your skateboards so I can hit you with it. you can't ride them anyway!

# 2 the lifetime channel. there's enough hormonal crap going on in a woman's body that cause mood swings. we don't need another estrogen and chemical imbalance-inducing contributor to our neurotic tendencies.

# 3 oh nicholas sparks. if your work is the present day contribution to our already dying literature, then i'd choose its extinction.

# 4 twilight. period. the books. the movies. i'd rather be stuck in a room full of vampires than read the books. they suck way worse than anything.

# 5 oprah. nuff said.

# 6 miley cyrus and her media whore exploiting father, billy ray, who by the way belongs to # 7 on this list

# 8 facebook's farmville. i don't get it! can people really have such non-stimulating jobs that they'd rather sit and play this dumb game? i'm bored now, and you couldn't pay me to play that crap even at this point.

# 9 the very overpowering sense of boredom, and the need to procrastinate that resulted to writing such a stupid and pointlessly mundane note such as this one.

# 10 _____ leaving this open in case anyone (cares to read this who's not playing farmville) has any suggestion(s) that I may have overlooked :/


there... time well spent wastefully

what can i do? ^_^

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