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Friday, April 22, 2011

even atheists love easter candy

i understand that there might not be any god(s). that there may not be an afterlife. a complete absence of all things, seen in the blackest black. maybe in the plainest white. perhaps colorless. or a visual vibration unknown to what our spectra could even fathom and recognize. i understand that we are born to die and that we only live once so we can value our lives more, making it count. this is perhaps why it is part of our instinct to want to immortalize ourselves by leaving traces of our existence, struggling to be remembered for our meaningless pseudo-contributions to an unforgiving, forgetful world. i understand that we need purpose and structure, and religion was the most natural and fundamental thing our brilliant limited minds could think of. what others do not understand is that it has been patently absurd, and if anyone with any thoughts could believe in this utterly sophisticated fictional masterpiece, maybe they are not thinking at all... so they can try to live their lives without guilt. without responsibility. in freedom... but this god they invest their faith in comes with punishments, so they live in guilt for their irresponsibilities, resulting to a lack of freedom. in a sense, most god-(aw)ful people try to do good things in fear of their afterlife situation. some godless individuals try to do good things just because it is the right thing to do.

what can i do? ^__^