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Saturday, April 30, 2011

o d e . t o . l a r a . s t o n e

photo : terry richardson
vogue paris. september . 2009
vogue paris . march . 2008
interview magazine . march. 2010

just wanted to acknowledge,though a few might disagree, that dutch 

model lara [catherina]stone's imperfections - the questionable 

wobbly way she walks down the runway (possibly due to her 5'10" height with size 7 

feet as opposed to the 8-10 norm), her high chiseled cheekbones, 

the masculine jaw line, and the gap between her front teeth - are 

genuinely the nature of true beauty. . . raw, dynamic and captivating. 

good work, calvin klein.

   interview magazine . march. 2010

lara stone as brigitte bardot . w magazine editorial . 2010

what can i do? ^__^

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