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Thursday, April 28, 2011

oh me! oh my, lady gawwd gawwd!

a facebook chat log about this video

CeeSquared : I don’t care what anyone  says. This is inarguably inspiring.
Mario : I hate to disagree but this isn’t something new or fresh that any other great artist hasn’t said. Not that I’m calling Gaga a great artist, mind you. One thing is for certain – she has a great, nay, astronomical marketing staff behind her. She is a pop mainstream artist, and what that means is that her “creativity” and “inspiration” are tailored to shock and hook target audiences in the beginning, but sadly have no staying power. The Beatles were a pop mainstream rock act , but they’re relevant because their songs, most of them, had depth and others were total random-ness that demonstrated their talent with instruments and sounds. Being repetitive, synthetized, and sampling other artists, which in most cases is okay with acknowledgement and permission, are not traits of a great artist. Sure, you can argue that the early British invasion like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Yardbirds, and Eric Clapton took influences from american blues and created something more than just a 3 minute track. While I do enjoy some of her stuff, I do not consider her to be on par or equal to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and even Nirvana in their short period. To me, she is at best another Backstreet Boys, Nsync, 98 Degrees, etc.
CeeSquared : How many contemporaneous pop stars do you know who can actually speak as articulate as she does, much less write their own songs? Everyone has a marketing staff, but what good is that staff if the product is underwhelming? I’m not into the whole pop music genre, but I must say hers is definitely more than acceptable and borders on rock n’ roll.
Mario : Yes I will totally accept that. In reality we don’t know how much of her own songs she writes. Once you’re at her level, it’s hard to hold on to your identity without outside factors guiding you. In any case, I can agree that some of her stuff is enjoyable.
CeeSquared : Everyone puts on a show and has a great share of lies they conceal (not to compare Gaga to the following, but even The Beatles, The Doors, Nirvana, Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc had a fair share of people criticizing their abilities that somehow in the long run became forgotten), but her performances are so ridiculous and outrageous that i can’t help but find her inspiring and actually respect her. She is indubitably a marketing product. A great one. And everyone has their very own guilty pleasures they submit to… Some people love to watch the braincell-killing show The Jersey Shore,  read books meant for prepubescent readers that regress their literacy level like Twilight and Harry Potter series, or even pose like they are not failing at life by pretending they are the real-life versions of the Sex and the City characters – and I’ve chosen Gaga as my own personal form of it because of the multi-dimensional statements she puts out there. It’s all a matter of subjectivity, but if so many people have so many opinions on her, both negative and positive, then obviously she is doing something right, and one can’t just undermine and dismiss her just because she doesn’t cater to that person’s liking.
Mario : I decree that this conversation will continue in a random bar during a drunken state. Too much good stuff.
CeeSquared : and we’ll be drinking to that =)

what can i do?  ^__^

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