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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Explorers Club Lecture Series with Galya Morrell: Northern Greenland's Uummannaq - The Revival of the Aja Ajaja

New York, NY (March 5, 2012) - Join us in this rare opportunity with Galya Morrell to look into the lives and disappearing culture of the Inuit, as they take part in Uummannami Nipi, a collaboration of native hunters, international artists and local children whose goals are to revive the spirit of the community, protect the unique Greenlandic values that are disintegrating, and thereby prevent the epidemic of suicides among the region's youth caused by the stresses of abrupt climate change and the advance of "consumer civilization."

March 5th, Monday
Check-In at 6pm, 7pm Start
Reservation Notes: Free for Explorers Club members; $5 for members of the public; $5 for students with a valid academic student ID. Reservations are suggested on a first-come first-served basis. Please call 212.628.8383, or send your email to

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