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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The National Geographic/The Explorers Club/PBS Present the Preview Screening of "BONES OF TURKANA"

New York, NY (April 16, 2012) - For over 40 years, Dr. Richard Leakey has scoured the badlands around Kenya's Lake Turkana, searching for fossil clues that reveal how we became human. This new, award winning documentary from the National Geographic for PBS follows Leakey's team across this landscape of parched grandeur in Africa's Great Rift Valley. Not only do we discover insights into the revolution that led an upright ape species to dominate the earth, but Leakey's team finds other clues, such as fossil pollen, which indicate this landscape was once wooded and lush, with bountiful water resources. What might this evidence of our past tell us about the future?

The film was produced, directed and written by Explorers Club member John Heminway, who was elected to the club in June 1966, having been seconded Lowell Thomas. Heminway noted that much of the archival footage within the film was made by him in 1972 for Survival Anglia which was the first full-length film ever made about Richard Leakey's work at Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf.

Wine, beers and cheese platters will be served at the reception; popcorn will be served during the movie.

April 16th, Monday
Check-In and Open Bar at 6pm, 7pm Start

Reservation Notes: Free for Explorers Club members; $20 for members of the public; $5 for students with a valid academic ID. Reservations are suggested on a first-come first-served basis. Please call 212.628.8383, or send your email to

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